Taste The Soul Of Honey

The quality of honey can only be distinguished by the "top", "special", "excellent", "good" and "ordinary" series, and cannot express the different subtle flavors of each batch of high-quality honey.
To solve the existing taste limitations due to time, evaluation system, and rigidity, customers can choose according to their personal taste preferences, so that each batch of honey becomes a special prize in everyone's heart.

Link flavors to products and build product information on honey

The first honey service concept service introduced by Dr. Pingmi in the "Honey Smell Wheel", using the pure and fully ripe honey produced locally in Taiwan to analyze the honey of the same honey source and different batches.

What is product information.

Professional honey tasters analyze the honey information through the honey tasting process, such as "Honey Color System", "Aroma and Flavor Knowledge", and "Honey Smell Wheel".

Honey Scent Sensory Query System

The first to create products with different batch numbers of the same honey source, establish "exclusive number" and "exclusive honey smell wheel" according to the flavor of each batch of honey, integrate and link production history and inspection reports, and establish "honey aroma and smell query system", which has a search entry and provides query history Lot flavor.

Point 1

Quality Analysis

View Color, Taste, Wire Drawing, Smell, Hand Twist
Point 2

Exclusive Scent Wheel

Honey Smell Wheel That Sums Up All Aromas, Flavors, Honey-colored
Point 3

Production History

Create A Product-specific Resume Batch Number
Point 4

Product Inspection

Qualified by third-party inspection of national standards, pesticides, etc.